About Us

We at Lordi Systems focus on helping organizations identify individuals with potential to be pioneers in the roles they choose. Using their industry expertise and strong business and technology insights, we deliver solutions that enable organizations have a competitive edge in the market and sustainable relationship with employees and customers. Our consultants, are organized around a single-profit center partnership. This is designed to eliminate competitive barriers between our offices. It allows us to operate seamlessly to mobilize efforts across our offices in India. As your partner, we will help your business by providing economical Human Resource Solutions that will maximize the value of your employees. With our extensive background & expertise in HR Consulting, we pride ourselves on building successful, long term relationships with our clients.


Change is the only constant, thus we recognize the need for innovation and flexibility. Our mission is to bring employers closer to the talent their organizations need and at the same time ensure that candidates make the right career decisions. In other words our objective is to bridge the gap between organizations and their prospective future leaders. We strive to be partners on the road to success, to both employers and job seekers. Our aim is to be a market leader in the HR services industry. We identify opportunities in organizations and match it with the best potential and talented candidates, thus providing value to society as a whole.”

Our Core Values make us a preferred choice in an ever expanding industry. Our values serve as beacons, guiding us through a constantly changing and highly demanding business environment. Our core values are:

  • Partnership: We believe in serving our clients and candidates by building long lasting relationships by partnering with them. Our through assessments are aimed at understanding client requirements and the ambitions and potentials of our candidates. We serve as extensions of our client organizations and act as representatives of our candidates. This enables us to deliver quality services which are customized, unique and cost effective at the same time.
  • Integrity: We conduct our practice with the highest level of integrity. Honesty in all our interactions and committing only what we can deliver is etched in our business model.
  • Quest for Excellence: A passion for customer delight is the foundation of our business. We are constantly studying market trends and improving our solutions to equip our clients with a sustainable competitive edge. Based on the market trends and client requirement, we create solutions and services to empower candidates make the right career choices.
  • Team Spirit: A successful team is built with team spirit as its foundation. Our consultants and offices across the country work together as one team to provide our clients and candidates the best support. This seamless integration removes competitive barriers across our offices. Our united efforts make both our clients and consultants happy.